3 Diamonds Path, Unit 8
South Dennis, MA  02660
The Reformer by
Balanced Body

Contemporary Pilates Reformer Studio
with 7 Reformers,
towers and accessories!

All Pilates Reformer Sessions are made by appointment only!
Offering Private (1 on 1)or Semi-private (Up to 5 Students)
Monday - Fridays 6am-6:30pm and Saturdays 8am-2pm.
Call 508-394-1260 to set up your session.
Clients may schedule your reformer sessions on-line
schedule online

If you have never tried Pilates on the Reformer
Your 1st Reformer session is FREE!

Pilates Equipment by Balanced Body

Tabata Classes...Classes on Hold

Tabata interval training:  Warm up by releasing fascia with tennis balls and foam  
rollers.  Next using the tabata protocol of performing a high intensity exersize for 20
seconds with a 10 second rest, 8 times.  A fat torching, muscle sculpting workout.  
Focusing on Cardiovascular exercises, balance and core strength.  
Resuming Fall 2019 call 508-394-1260 if interested

Yoga Studio:
The Moving Meditation with Maureen Hammett
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Now offering Laser-Like Lipo fatloss!

Pilates for Golfers
To see pilates videos click here youtube!

Pilates Plus of Cape Cod was awarded First place for Health Clubs in
Dennis and Third place Regionally by 'The Register's' Readers Choice!
Thank you to all who voted for us!

Semi-Private Reformer
(5 students 50-55 minutes)
$30 /        1 Session
$140/      5 Sessions
$250/    10 Sessions
$400  /  20 Sessions

Private Reformer Sessions:
(50-55 minutes)
$75/           1 Session
$560/        8 Sessions
$1040/    16 Sessions
$1440/    24 Sessions