3 Diamonds Path, Unit 8
South Dennis, MA  02660

"Back pain prompted me to start exercising using the pilates
reformer.  Pilates has prevented recurrence of y back pain
problems and it has made me stronger and more flexible.  My
passion is golf and Pilates permits me to play as often as I
like.  Whether male or female young or old try Pilates Plus of
Cape Cod." --Brian Kenner

"I have been doing Pilates for 10 years.  It has given me
amazing flexibility and strength.  I believe Pilates kept me from
having an injury when I had a car accident.  I walked away
from a major crash without injury"--Andrea Silbert

"I have been with Michelle at Pilates Plus for ten years.  Two
years ago, I had my right hip replaced.  I believe I recovered
and rehabbed much quicker due to Pilates.  --MaryAnn
Demello 2017

"I have taken Pilates Reformer for years.  I relocated to Cape
Cod in the spring of 2015 and was lucky enough to find Pilates
Plus and Michelle.  Michelle is extremely knowledgeable about
the human body, various disorders and how Pilates Reformer
can help.  I have MS and pilates is essential to a healthy
lifestyle for me but if not taught by the right person it can be
damaging.  I have full confidence in Michelle's abilities.
   The studio is clean, the machines are well maintained and
she has all the props needed.  When I goto take a class at the
studio, which has 5 reformers in the group room , I feel like I
have walked into a friend's house.  I have gotten to know the
other participants as ell as Michelle.  It is very comfortable for
me and I am not comfortable often given my condition.  
Everyone ought to have a Pilates Plus and a Michelle.  I could
not recommend her more highly."--Lissa Conn

" I have been taking Pilates Reformer classes for about 2
years.  I am 68 years old and live a very active lifestyle.  Since
starting pilates my arthritis pain has lessened.  I recently went
in for a bone density test and I have gained!"--Marie Wood

"I have been taking Reformer classes for several months.  
Great Reformer classes with an excellent and professional
staff.  I truly believe that a wonderful place like Pilates Plus
attracts the best teachers."--Edie Hamilton

"I have been Pilates Mat and Reformer classes for 5 months
now.  I am an M.S. Patient and have gained a lot from Pilates
Plus, including mobility, energy and less back and leg pain.  
The trainer that I work with (Crissy Mashoke) designed a work
out just for me!  When I have to miss a session, I definitely feel
the difference when I come back."--Diane Frazel

'I have been taking Pilates Mat classes and Zumba classes for
2 months now.  I had a chronic shoulder ache and made an
appointment to see a chiropractor but decided to try mat
Pilates for the first time.  Afterward my shoulder no longer hurt
so I cancelled the chiropractor appointment and have been
coming ever since.  Michelle is awesome!"--Lynn

" I have been taking the reformer classes for 4 months and
after a year of inactivity and spinal surgery, Pilates has gotten
me back into great shape."--Craig C

"I have been working out on the Reformer since January 2008
and have gained Lots!  I have gained strength, overall I just
feel better.  The Pilates Reformer is an incredible class, you
leave with an exhilarating feeling!"--Margaret Grant

"I have been taking Pilates Mat classes since June 2007.  I
started on the Reformer in December 2007.  I have gained
strength, I have a trimmer physique, stronger back and have
developed relaxation skills."--Emily W

"I have been training on the Pilates Reformer for 5 months now
and I have gained strength, flexibility, more self confidence
and more energy"--Beth

"I have been taking the Pilates mat classes since May 2007
and started on the Reformer in December 2007.  I am currently
taking both classes and have  gained MUSCLE!!  It is a great
time with friends and family.  I have an overall  feeling of peace
and relaxation when I am done, and I have lots of new
energy!"--Mary Crowell

"I have been taking the Pilates Reformer classes 2 to 3 times a
week since July of 2007.  I also on occasion take the Spinning
classes.  I think that Pilates Plus is a great place and I'm happy
to be part of it!  Thanks for being here."--Alena

"I have been taking the Pilates Reformer classes for 11
months now.  I have improved stamina (oxygen) and posture.  I
have strengthened the  muscles of my entire body and have
trimmed down noticeably, I am now long and lean!"--Kathy

"I have been taking Pilates on the Reformer now for 8 months
and I am much  more flexible!"--Unknown

"I work out on the Reformer 2x a week and take the Nordic
Walking class 2x per week.  I started almost a year ago.  Being
a Reiki master, I stand in various positions for several minutes
at a time, putting a lot of strain on my back.  Working out on
the Reformer has strengthened my core, and I now enjoy
having a stronger back during Reiki Sessions.  I never had
upper body strength until I started working out on the
Reformer.  It is a total body workout in just and hour.  I have
also seen friendships develop at Pilates Plus of Cape
Cod."--Kerstin Holve

"I have been working out on the Reformer for about a year.  
First off, at my age, muscle strength is crucial.  Pilates helps
every single muscle in the body to strengthen.  Additionally,
Pilates has provided an amazing sort of self confidence, and I
think I am an inch taller" --Franny Golden

"I have been taking one Pilates Mat Class and one Reformer
session a week now for 2 years.  I have gained strength and
improved my balance.  My core (abdominals) and back are
also stronger and reformed.  I am especially pleased with my
thighs, which are much slimmer.  I am proud to say I am a size
8!  If you try it you will be convinced and reformed like
me!"--Mary Ann Demello 2009
Group Class Room
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