3 Diamonds Path, Unit 8
South Dennis, MA  02660
The Reformer
Private and Semi-Private Pilates Reformer Training  
(All Reformer training is by appointment!)

Semi-Private Prices: (Maximum of 5 students, 50 minutes)
$30/   1 session
$140/   5sessions
$250/10 sessions
$400/20 sessions
(Must have completed 3 private sessions prior to semi-privates,  semi-
privates rate apply to the 3 privates if purchased in advance.)

Private Prices: ( 50 minutes)
$75/    1 session
$560/    8 sessions
$1040/16 sessions
$1440/24 sessions

Duet-Private Prices: (2 Students Max, 50 Minutes)
$55/ 1 session
$250/ 5 sessions
$450/10 sessions
The universal reformer, commonly known as just the reformer, is
undoubtedly the most recognizable and popular piece of
equipment in the Pilates menagerie.  It is versatile beyond all
imagination.  The scope of this piece of equipment is infinite and
is only limited by our own imagination and knowledge.  It is the
creation of a genius-a man way ahead of his time.  The
movements performed on the reformer range from fundamental to
extremely advanced, movements that are performed in every
conceivable position and for every possible purpose.  --Pilates,
Rail Isacowitz 2006
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