Pilates Plus of Cape Cod

Pilates plus opened its doors on February 26th, 2007.  Our first week 81
people walked through the doors, showing their interests in what we have to
offer.  Pilates Plus is now into its 11th year.  It is truly amazing how fast time
has gone by.

Pilates Plus of Cape Cod  is a multi-fitness and wellness facility designed to
be used by the residents of Cape Cod and  surrounding areas.  It is my
mission to provide the best classes with  highly qualified trainers,  to provide
a clean environment with top of the line workout equipment,  to have very
reasonable rates and plans so that anyone in any financial bracket can use
the facility to better their health and wellness.  Pilates Plus of Cape Cod  is a
contemperary Pilates Reformer Studio.   Also offered at the studio are
Tabata interval classes, Childrens' Dance classes, Massage and Laser-like
fat loss treatments.  My hope is that through the use of our facility, members’
enjoyment and appreciation for different types of fitness and for life will be

My name is Michelle L. Anderson and I am the owner of Pilates Plus of Cape
Cod.  I am a certified and insured Pilates Reformer, Mat, Resist-a-ball,
Personal Trainer, and Spinning instructor.  I have a Bachelors degree in
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology.  
In 1996, I was in a terrible car accident, here on the Cape and was left
medically diagnosed as Permanently Disabled for two years.  I went through
physical therapy to help get better and function as I once had in the past.  
The physical therapy just wasn't enough, so I started seeking out physical
activities that might help me keep my body out of pain and fully functional.  I
started Yoga, and that helped a lot.  Then I heard about  Pilates  but at the
time on the cape it wasn't being offered anywhere.  I went to a book store
and purchased a book about it.  I started doing the mat work at home and
soon found that I was in less pain and had a much better range of motion.  
Soon enough Pilates classes started popping up here and there.  I found a
facility that offered some equipment training, such as the Reformer.  Once I
started that I found myself getting stronger and more flexible with each
session.  It was absolutely amazing!  And now I only have a 6% disability
rating, which is nothing to me.  I have no back pain, my posture has
improved, and I can do anything physical that I want.  
Pilates changed my life so much that I wanted to share it with the world.  SO
here I am at Pilates Plus of Cape Cod, introducing people to the method
every day and loving every minute of it!

Pilates Reformer Instructors:

Michelle L. Anderson:
 Certified and Insured Pilates Mat and
Reformer Instructor, Personal trainer and Spinning Instructor.   
Balanced Body University, Quantum Pilates, American Aerobic
association International & International Sports Medicine
Association,  National Exercise Trainers Association, Mad Dogg
Spinning and Resist-a-ball.

Beth Devine:  Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor.  Balanced
Body University.  Personal Wellness Coach

Lisa Kucia:  Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor.  Balanced Body
University.  Dance Instructor

Aisling Gainer:  Certified Pilates Reformer, Mat, Barre and Water
Instructor.  Balanced Body University.  Yoga Instructor.  Healing
Straight Up Stretch

Massage Therapy:
Laurie Tulloch,LMT:  Licensed and Certified Member AMTA
since 2000.
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3 Diamonds Path, Unit 8
South Dennis, MA  02660
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